New Iranian believer immediately starts sharing his faith

Dry and dusty. Rocky and hard. Much of the soil in the Middle East is like this. And it is to be expected. Years of lies and false religion leave the people thirsty.

But the soil of Iran is rich and fertile. Loamy and lush.

Amir,* a young Iranian man with a ponytail, received the Book of John and heard the gospel from a group of believers. Amir was so interested, he met with an evangelist that evening to learn more.


The next day the same group of believers saw Amir on the street. He wanted another Gospel of John to give to a friend. Amir took the book and stood in a building doorway with his friend. He excitedly told the friend about the book as they looked through the pages together.

A little while later, Amir came back to the group and asked for more books. He had gathered more friends on the street, and they needed this message, too. Amir came back even later and asked for three more books to take home and give to friends.

What the group of believers didn’t yet know was Amir accepted Christ as his Savior the night before while talking with the evangelist! He had been a believer for less than a day but was already sharing the gospel with his friends.

Pray this kind of passion for Jesus and the work of His gospel will characterize all believers, whether they are 20 hours old or 20 years old in their faith.

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*Name changed