Cooperative Program

Funding missions together since 1925

$95 million gifted for international missions through the Cooperative Program in 2018

"The most effective way to carry out our mission is through churches cooperating together."

– Dr. Chitwood, IMB President


What is the Cooperative Program?

Through the Cooperative Program (CP), Southern Baptist churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of their respective state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries. CP provides thirty-seven percent of IMB annual support. IMB receives slightly more than half of CP funds from state conventions for the global work of the gospel.

Your generosity through your church and the Cooperative Program shares the good news of Jesus Christ with lost and hurting people around the world every day.


How to give to the
Cooperative Program

1. It begins with you… responding to the grace God has given you for others by committing to give back through your church.


2. Your Church… decides the next step. Every year your church decides how much of its undesignated gifts will be committed to reaching people in your state and around the world.


3. Messengers at the State Convention Annual Meetings… from your church and other churches across the state decide what percentage of CP gifts contributed by local congregations stay in your state.


4. Messengers at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting… from across the country decide how the gifts received from the states will be distributed among SBC entities, including the IMB.


The bottom line – people around the world hear the gospel and receive Christ!


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You make this work possible through your generosity

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