Prayer Guide for the Balkans

Pray for people in this region of southern Europe to respond to the gospel

Join IMB workers in praying for a greater response to the gospel in the Balkans, despite the challenges on this southern Europe peninsula.

A wedding in Saint Clement of Ohrid Orthodox Church in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.

Pray for new churches that are willing to challenge the accepted ideas of what church is. Pray for a Balkan body of believers that holds firmly to the Word of God and is eager to embrace the good of each local culture to welcome nationals.


People stream down a busy street in front of the newly constructed Great Mosque of Tirana, Albania, a Muslim majority country in Southern Europe.

Pray for a believer Gryta, who is becoming bolder in proclaiming her faith. Pray that she will continue to grow and share the gospel with strangers, friends and family.


Two women walk across the Skanderbeg Square in the center of Tirana, Albania.

Modern-day Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a bustling city with a mashup of cultures and religious traditions. While the country is mainly Muslim, there is a sizable segment that claims no religious belief.

In December 2019, an earthquake in Albania shook buildings and rocked people’s internal security. Pray that Albanians who deal with fear from the earthquake will find eternal peace and security in a relationship with Christ.


A shepherd tends his flock in the countryside near Tirana, Albania.

Pray that ministries to families will effectively communicate the gospel and break through the noise of busyness and the pursuit of success. Pray that people both inside and outside the evangelical church will understand the importance of spiritual food and prioritize feasting on the Word of God.


The Kovaci War Memorial and Cemetery in Sarajevo, memorializes the many who died during the Yugoslav conflict of the 1990s.

Pray that the idol of wealth will be replaced with a desire for God alone. Ask God to enlighten the decision-makers in the Balkans to wisely care for their people. Pray that local and national governments will honor the Lord and their citizens by pursuing justice, honesty, and safety. Ask that leaders in communities will humbly cling to biblical principles and understand their need for eternal salvation.


The ancient port city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in all of the Balkans. The ancient buildings and pathways speak to the rich history of the city that was formerly known as Ragusa, the capital of the maritime republic that rivaled Venice in importance and wealth. The Republic of Ragusa was one of the very first foreign powers to recognize the USA with the goal of securing trade agreements with the fledgling country.

Pray this openness will lead to a hunger for spiritual truth. Pray the gospel will shine light on the Balkan peoples’ true identity that is only found in Christ. Ask for more workers to boldly and wisely proclaim the gospel to the lost in these countries.