Mexican couple partners with missionaries after finding Christ

Jesús (pronounced Hey-sus) and his wife, Anjela, live in a rough neighborhood where drugs, alcohol and idolatry are pervasive. Like most in Mexico City, they were Catholics devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe and to Santa Muerte, the “Saint of Death.”

After many years working on his feet in a store, Jesús had a health crisis when his back pain became unbearable. A Christian salesman who regularly visited the store invited Jesús to his evangelical church to pray for healing. After initial resistance, Jesús accepted the offer and visited the church where five pastors prayed for him.

“A warmth came from the sky and went through me. I started shaking and felt the heat in my back and the pain went away. I took off my support belt and knew I was healed,” Jesús said.

Jesús, a believer in Mexico, reads a Bible passage during a home visitation with members of his church, IMB missionaries and volunteers from the U.S.

This experience introduced Jesús to the Lord. He shared Christ with Anjela and she also accepted salvation. They destroyed all of their statues and idols of Mary and the Saint of Death, cleaning their house of the dark influences.

IMB missionaries work alongside the neighborhood church that Jesús and Anjela attend, providing encouragement, training and partnership with stateside churches that send volunteer teams to assist with evangelism and local visitation projects. Pray for them as they co-labor to make the name of Jesus Christ known in this little corner of Mexico City.