Pandemic opens door for outreach in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, communities have been ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Household incomes declined along with available jobs and expected revenues. For many families, the goal each day is to simply find enough food to feed their children.

Send Relief Photo

Understandably, the region is seeing a sharp decline in mental health.

Send Relief was able to provide emergency food packages to 500 families in desperate need of both spiritual and physical care. Working alongside a local church to accomplish this project, Send Relief directors were able to identify those most impacted by the lockdown and prioritize their families when distributing aid.

One project director shared, “This project was absolutely vital to both aiding families that were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and furthering our long-term strategy in the area. We were able to enter regions that we haven’t done ministry in before and be the hands and feet of Jesus in both word and deed. Hundreds of new relationships were formed, and, while it may take years to see how the Lord wants to use those relationships, the short-term effect was having hundreds of people gratefully receive food. Additionally, when follow-up visits were completed, more than 40 people heard the gospel for the very first time!”

“We were able to enter regions that we haven’t done ministry in before and be the hands and feet of Jesus in both word and deed.”

“We saw physical health restored but also mental health! The very thought that strangers loved these families enough to come in and gift them with free food brought so much joy to the people. We were able to explain the root of this love and share the gospel many times in the following visits to their homes,” one project leader commented.

After one of these food distributions, a mother told our project directors that she was at a point where her family was splitting one egg per meal among the family members. She shared that as soon as she found out about the food aid being offered, she knew it was an answer to prayer from God! She even asked one volunteer team to wait until her family got home, so that they, too, could hear the gospel message.

It is because of your consistent generosity that projects like this are made possible and that the gospel is spread among the nations! Please be in prayer for those who heard the good news through this project, that they would share it with others and draw close to the Holy Spirit.