IMB, Send Relief calling for prayer for Indonesia

The IMB and Send Relief are calling on Southern Baptists to pray for Indonesia in the aftermath of Mount Semeru’s recent volcanic eruption.

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru erupted on Dec. 4. Initial reports show that the eruption has caused 34 deaths, 169 injuries, 17 missing people, 3,697 displaced. At least 5,205 people have been affected by the disaster.

Send Relief is partnering with local churches on the ground to respond to immediate needs. Within 30 minutes of the first eruption, Send Relief’s network of responders were activated.

After an initial assessment from national partners, the greatest needs are:

  • Clean water / water filters (due to ash contamination of regular water sources)
  • Food
  • Hygiene and sanitation items
  • Tarps

Send Relief is providing food, water, tarps, milk, noodles, rice, hygiene items, sanitation items, ash rakes and water filters, which are en route to the impacted areas.

Send Relief clay pot water filters from another area of Indonesia are being trucked to the affected communities, which will provide clean, safe, filtered water in the aftermath of the eruption.

At this time, no foreigners are allowed in the impacted area, so Send Relief is working with and through a local church already in the area.

To donate to Send Relief’s efforts, visit Send Relief’s International Crisis Response Fund.