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Mango of Chad

Pray for the Mango of Chad

All throughout amazing Africa, there are mango trees. The mango trees provide shade from the hot sun, food for the monkeys, but even better, lots and lots of mangos for people to eat or sell. In my very first year living in Africa I couldn’t wait to experience harvesting fresh, ripe mangos. I had mango smoothie dreams. When the time was right, my kids and I picked over 50 mangos from a single tree. It was so fun. By the time we finished picking as much as we could get, we were covered in mango sap. It was like we took a mango sap bath. What we didn’t know is that mango sap has the same oil called urushiol that’s in poison ivy. So, the result of all that delicious mango picking was burning, swelling, and bubbling skin. Not fun at all. Good smoothies though.

In the southern region of Chad, there is an unreached, unengaged people group called the Mango. The Mango people are farmers growing such crops as millet, corn, peanuts, cotton, and you guessed it, mangos! Although Scripture is available in the Mango language, very few people can read and there are very few schools where people can learn to read. There is no known Christian work taking the gospel to the Mango at this time.

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