International Students Bring the Nations to our Neighborhoods


What if you didn’t have to buy a plane ticket to see a church planted overseas?

US college campuses host one million international students each year. Seventy-five percent of these students will never see the inside of an American’s house.

There’s a tremendous opportunity to meet the nations at our doors—we just need to step outside.

We can be a cross-cultural catalyst without stepping onto an airplane.

Something as simple as contacting a nearby college campus and asking how to connect with an international student can have massive implications for cross-cultural disciple making. We can start by simply opening our homes to these students who are strangers and sojourners here, far from their own homes.

As we build relationships with internationals, we can proclaim the gospel , make disciples, and inspire them to do the same. We can cast a vision for them to take the gospel message back to their own hometowns.

Nearly half the international students in the United States come from China and India. East Asia has 213 unreached and unengaged people groups. There are 1,720 unreached people groups in India. International students from these regions can spread the gospel among their families and people groups.

If we open our homes and share our lives, we can be cross-cultural catalysts without even stepping onto an airplane.