Virtual Event: Pray for Turks and Kurds in the Diaspora

September 3, 2024   -   September 3, 2024

Driven by various factors such as war, economic opportunities, or the quest for a better life, many Turks and Kurds have migrated to foreign lands.

As they settle in these new countries, their cultural identity gradually evolves across generations, blending with the societal fabric of their adopted homes. The term diaspora, originating from Greek and meaning “to scatter about,” aptly describes this scattering of communities across Europe. Within this diaspora, there arises an opportunity for engagement with the gospel that might not have otherwise existed. Join us for a virtual prayer event dedicated to the Turks and Kurds in the diaspora.

Pray for Turks and Kurds in the Diaspora
Tuesday, September 3
9-10 p.m. EST