After the disastrous eruption of the Nevado del Puiz in Colombia’s Andes Mountains on the evening of Nov. 13, 1985, rescuers discovered this young survivor separated from his family. The heat and force of the eruption shook loose tons of glacial ice and snow, and an avalanche of hot sulfur, water and mud slid down the mountainside. Gaining speed, the wall of mud traveling up to 40 miles an hour rushed into the town of Armero in its path and erased the city from the earth. The number killed in that cataclysmic event stands at about 23,000, making it the second most deadly eruption of the 20th century. Following the disaster, FMB missionaries and doctors ministered to grieving victims, and students from the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Cali in southwest Colombia engaged in a ministry of hope to survivors young and old. This infant’s photo, taken by FMB photographer Joanna Pinneo, stirred national attention when it appeared in newspapers across the US.

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