Fast Facts

Total field personnel (5/31/2024)3,494
Global missionary partners (current 5/31/2024)123
Global missionary partners cumulatively sent167
New people groups and places engaged by IMB (2022)67
New believers (2022)178,177
Baptisms (2022)102,417
New churches formed (2022)21,231
Received leadership training (2022)146,026
People groups globally (2022)12,019
Unengaged, unreached people groups (2022)3,180

All data, except for active field personnel, reflects information from the Annual Statistical Report 2022 Data-Year (IMB). See full report at

The total personnel number includes all field personnel employed by the IMB plus team associates. Team associates are individuals or couples who are part of an IMB missionary team after being assessed and job-matched, but who are not funded by the IMB.

Global missionary partners are overseas church partners who serve on an existing IMB team and who are fully funded through an overseas church, association of churches, or Baptist convention.

For live people group data, visit (IMB).