Fast Facts

Total Field Personnel (7/31/2019)**3,674
Field personnel added 2017^339
Overseas Baptisms 2017^46,495
Overseas Churches 2017^40,577
Overseas Church Membership 2017^372,160
New churches 201712,005
People Groups engaged by IMB personnel (3/19)#920
Unreached People Groups not Engaged (3/19)#3160
^ 2017 Annual Personnel Report (IMB)
* 2018 Annual Statistical Report, reflecting status end-of-year 2017 (IMB)
# Global Status of Evangelical Christianity, March 2019 (IMB)

**The total personnel number includes all field personnel employed by the IMB plus team associates. Team associates are individuals or couples who are part of an IMB missionary team after being assessed and job-matched, but who are not funded by the IMB.