Meeting physical and spiritual needs globally


MedAdvance 2020:
A Virtual Experience

August 7-8, 2020


Giving Opportunity

Preach and Heal Through Medicine

Help us meet physical and spiritual needs globally, often in restricted-access places by mobilizing, training, and equipping medical professionals


Caring for the needs of people is integral to the missionary tasks of evangelism, discipling new believers, training leaders and forming healthy churches. Healthcare missions gives access to the unreached, allows for intimate conversations, meets needs, makes disciples and empowers the church.

Healthcare Prayer and Celebrations


April 1, 2020

Pray for Crisis Healthcare Professionals

In this crisis time of the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals all over the world are stressed, exhausted, dealing with death daily, and threatened with disease. Pray that their need will open doors for workers to access this professional community in their cities and towns, to encourage them, and to have spiritual conversations.


April 1, 2020

Pray for Mission Hospitals

Pray for the mission hospitals across the world that are overwhelmed with patients and also facing severe financial crisis. Especially pray for our workers who serve in some of these hospitals. Pray for great opportunities of witness in the midst of fear, sickness, and death.

Unreached Peoples and Places

March 1, 2020

Pray for Access with Medical Equipment

A physician partner in the US has developed portable diagnostic equipment for a specific medical condition that allows workers to enter closed places. Pray for many to find hope physically and spiritually through care and witness.

Central Asia

March 1, 2020

Pray for Local Christian Healthcare Professionals

A group of local Christian healthcare professionals in central Asia meet together for prayer and fellowship to encourage one another. Pray for them as they also join together in service and mission projects.


Pray for Volunteer Medical Teams

Pray for volunteer US medical teams who partner with local churches to help displaced people in eastern Ukraine. As needs are met, new believers are being baptized and churches strengthened.

South Asia

Pray for Mental Health Awareness Materials

An urban population in South Asia is being given tools to deal with anxiety, grief, depression, and suicide using mental health awareness materials in small group sessions. Pray that participants will find hope and truth in Jesus Christ.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Pray for New Medical Social Worker

Pray for a new medical social worker in Botswana who is seeing God open doors in pediatric oncology and hospice. Both settings would give opportunities to discuss end of life and the good news of salvation in Jesus.

East Asia

Pray for Open Doors in Macau

Medical education is opening new doors in Macau, enabling engagement opportunities with future physicians, current practitioners, educators, and administration. Pray that teaching and patient care will lead to new life for many.

North Africa and Middle East

Pray for New Workers In North Africa

Pray for six Muslim background believers in North Africa who have been trained as community health workers. They are using that platform to gain access to new communities and plant churches amidst significant persecution

Southeast Asia

Pray for Nurse Worker

Pray for a nurse worker to be guided by the Holy Spirit to know where and how to be involved in meeting the many health needs around her. Pray that the care given will open communities and families to the Gospel.

Healthcare Trips


Healthcare Kaabong Clinic

In the bush of Northern Uganda, you will be teaching community health and Bible stories in order to help the team facilitate church plants in the villages of Kaabong. Learn More.


Southeast Asia Hospital Training

This trip is for a minimum of 7 days on the ground and the start/stop dates are flexible. This Baptist Hospital is iconic for more than 60 years in this Southeast Asia country. Learn More.


Teaching First Aid/CPR Africa

You are invited to help teach CPR/First Aid to groups in various communities in this small African nation. Learn More.


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