Dr. Rebekah Naylor: Medical Missionary to India

Dr. Rebekah Ann Naylor has been repeatedly recognized for her incredible lifetime of service both in the United States and around the world. A pioneer medical missionary, she has been applauded for her work in both Christian and secular circles alike. At a time when female surgeons were almost unheard-of, Dr. Naylor not only forged a dynamic career as a surgeon, but also served as a founder and primary administrator of a hospital in India. For decades, she ministered to the people of Bangalore in both word and deed, offering both medical care and the eternal hope of the gospel. Moreover, to this day she remains a powerful advocate and mobilizer for medical missions strategies.

This week, Dr. Naylor joined Missions History Podcast hosts Scott Peterson and David Brady to discuss her life and ministry, from the early days of her calling to her days at Bangalore Baptist Hospital to the enduring importance of medical missions.

Dr. Rebekah Ann Naylor

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