Acacia People of Northern Africa

(uh-KAY-shuh) – Several years ago, Sarah met Lily on a bus and shared the gospel with her, and Lily believed. Recently, Lily gathered several dozen Muslim women and asked Sarah to teach them. They began meeting every two weeks to learn Bible stories that would help them to begin to heal from the trauma they had all experienced during war. On alternate weeks, they carried the lessons to others. Soon, more than 50 Muslims were meeting in several different groups. Lily’s sister, Rose, was in one of the groups, and she believed. Amazingly, although the other Muslim women had not yet believed, they were learning stories from the Word, applying them to their lives, and faithfully sharing them with others. Now, a couple of months later, there are more than 100 Muslims learning the Bible one week and carrying the lesson to their friends and families the next week! Many have believed, including all the women in Lily’s first group, and all of those have been baptized. Rose told her husband, Solomon, the stories about Jesus. Solomon and two of his friends believed and have been baptized. Pray for Sarah, Lily, Rose, and Solomon as they continue to share and teach others!