Cape Town, South Africa

(KAYP town) – Evangelism happens in many ways. Missionary Gail Davis serves in Cape Town and uses digital means of evangelism. When she went online to answer people’s questions about Jesus and how to become a Christian, she met Tricia, who lives in South Africa. Tricia wanted to know how to have hope. After a long conversation about having the hope that the world gives and finding true hope through faith in Jesus, Tricia professed faith in Him. Tricia is an introvert, and it took her a while to ask a final question. When Gail told her that she should pray, confessing her sins to God and professing her faith in Jesus, Tricia asked, “Is this service going to cost me anything?” Gail’s immediate answer was, “No. Salvation is free to anyone who believes in Jesus. He paid the price.” The prosperity gospel is leading people astray. It impoverishes the poor even more and is keeping them from receiving salvation. Tricia found no hope in it. Ask God to lead more lost people like Tricia to His true followers so the unsaved can hear the gospel and receive salvation. Ask God to grow Tricia’s faith and heal her from her physical disease.