Cape Town, South Africa

(KAYP town) – Refugees live hoping for a better life. When they flee their own countries, many go to the nearest democratically governed country. If that is not possible, they still continue to hope for a better life. After seeing the women in their family brutalized and watching the rebels kill everyone in their extended family, Stephan and Bridgette fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo with their four young children. They walked on, hoping for a better life for their family. After weeks of walking, they arrived in South Africa. Stephan and Brigette made Cape Town their home for the next 10 years. They kept faith in God, especially when xenophobia occurred and food ran out. One day, they visited UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, and, after months of interviews and health examinations, received approval to resettle in the United States. Their hope is waning, though, as they continue to wait for resettlement in their new country. Pray for this family of Christ followers not to lose hope, but to always remember who God is and His hand in their lives. Ask the Father to move Stephan and Brigette’s names to the top of the list so they can depart for the U.S. soon.