Central Asian Peoples

Sam, a pastor from the Lezghi people group who came to faith more than 20 years ago, recently called a believer who has discipled him through the years. “Pray for me to get a job in my town so that I don’t have to leave my family again to work in a different country.” Like so many Lezghi men in the North Caucasus mountains, Sam has worked for six to eight months at a time in a different country to earn income to send back home. He explained, “I don’t like living away from my family. When I’m gone, our church suffers. Even one of the other pastors struggled while I was gone. We, as believers, need to be together to support one another.” Sam doesn’t want money from foreign believers because he believes that gives a bad witness locally. “Everyone in town already thinks that people come to faith because we pay them. Of course that isn’t true, but if I receive money from outside sources, then it could reinforce that lie.” Pray that Sam will get a job locally so he can provide for his family, continue to shepherd the church, and give praise to the Lord who sees his needs.