Central Asian Unengaged Peoples

Azeris are a Muslim people numbering about 17 million worldwide, and the majority are found in Iran. These South Azeri are concentrated mostly in the Caspian Sea region in northwestern Iran and Azerbaijan. With less than 2% known followers of Jesus, Azeris are considered to be one of the world’s largest unreached people groups. There are believers worldwide among the larger people group of which they are a part, the Azerbaijani, ranging from 7,000 to 14,000. A growing number have recently come to faith in Christ. Azeris speak a Turkic language. Their history in the Caucasus Mountains is intertwined with both Russian and Persian influences. As Azeris are reached with the gospel, they have a high potential for reaching others throughout Central Asia and the Middle East. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to the Azeris through the Word in their heart language, dreams and visions, miracles and answered prayers, gospel films and social media, interest in their ancient Christian heritage, and the life and witness of believers. Pray that God will embolden and empower Azerbaijani believers to reach others for Christ. Pray that the Lord will help the leaders of the growing house church movement to be effective in making disciples despite overwhelming persecution.