Commerce City in Northern Africa

Amine grew up in a typical Muslim home in the city. When he was a young adult, he had a dream about a Person wearing bright white clothes. This dream affected him greatly, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Some time later, he had another dream in which he saw the same Man. He realized that this was Jesus, so he started wearing a cross necklace without knowing much about Him. Amine eventually went to another country for work and met a man wearing a shirt with a cross on it. He quickly showed the man his cross necklace and told him about his dreams. The man explained the things of God to him, and he believed. Amine returned to his city and served as a leader in the local church and was zealous about sharing his faith. A few months ago, he fell into sin and was unrepentant. He’s still a part of the local body but is no longer a leader. Pray for Amine to repent of his sin and humbly serve and love others in the local church. Pray for him to grow in his walk with the Lord and fight for unity with others in his life.