Conakry, Guinea

(KON-ah-kree) – In Guinea, the Fulbe people make up roughly one-third of the population. They are a strictly Muslim people group living without hope in a broken relationship with God, as less than 0.01% are evangelical Christian. Workers Nick and Elizabeth live and work among the Fulbe, faithfully sharing the gospel with those they interact with in the region. Recently, Abe, a young Fulbe Muslim man, sought out Nick and asked to study the Bible with him. Because of the gracious giving of Southern Baptists, Nick was able to provide Abe his very own Bible. Abe was incredibly touched by this gift. Nick then shared the gospel with him. Though he has not yet accepted Christ, Abe is open to learning more about the Bible and continues to work through the many objections he has to Christianity. Pray with Nick as he guides Abe through the Bible, walking him through Scripture that answers the questions he has. Pray that Abe’s interest in God’s Word will continue to grow and that he will choose to put his faith in Christ alone for salvation.