European Peoples

When most people think of traditional Christmas markets, they think of Europe! The reason? Almost all countries throughout Europe take time to celebrate this time of the year with the traditional Christmas markets which have long been a part of their culture. In Eastern Europe, countries like Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Croatia, and Russia all celebrate during December. In Western Europe, the Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom are world renown. And don’t forget the Mediterranean countries of Europe, countries like Spain, Italy, and Malta have spectacular Christmas markets also. They all have home-made crafts, sweet treats, a variety of savories, mulled beverages and hot chocolate. Some will have carolers, ice skating, others have petting zoos. But even with the festivities and happy gatherings that are being celebrated, the true reason for the Christmas holidays and the time of celebration is usually not visible. Most don’t know about Jesus, His birth, and His love and sacrifice for the sins of man. Sadly, with all the hoopla, less than 1% of Europeans consider themselves to be evangelical believers. Pray for Europe! Pray for many to find the reason to truly celebrate Jesus and Christmas this year.