Frontline Mission Network, East Asian Peoples

This month, one of the largest churches in Taiwan will host an extensive 8-step mission training program for church leaders across the island. This training aims to equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively engage in missions. The program encompasses a range of crucial topics, including the different components of the missionary task, the different parts of the missions continuum, and questions to help facilitate a deeper understanding of new cultures. Additionally, the training delves into biblical foundations for missions, addresses questions about local church involvement in missions, and outlines steps for churches to become missions-sending entities. Other essential aspects covered include missionary care, the missionary assessment process that ensures the right people are sent to the right places at the right time, models that establish strong relationships between missionaries, churches, agencies, and fields, and the significance of covenant agreements. Let us join together in prayer, asking that these church leaders develop a heartfelt passion for missions and formulate practical strategies to lead their congregations in engaging the unreached peoples of Asia. May their efforts bear abundant fruit in the expansion of God’s kingdom.