Fukuoka, Japan

(foo-koo-OH-kah) – “We want to share an update from the request you prayed for in February. Praise the Lord that four teenage Japanese students from Seinan Jo Gakuin will participate in the cultural exchange program by going to a Christian academy in Tennessee. One of these teenagers is Charming, who you have been praying for and who was saved in December 2023. Please pray that God will protect the chaperone and these four students during their travels. Ask for God’s leading and provision during each day of their two-week program. Pray for all of the logistics to work out smoothly, according to God’s plan. Pray for many people to be saved and for God to continue opening doors through the connections from this exchange program. As you pray for Charming, pray for her faith to grow strongly through this experience. Pray that the other students, experiencing their first Easter on March 31 in the United States, will be moved by the Holy Spirit and accept the gospel as truth in their own personal lives.”