Fukuoka, Japan

(foo-koo-OH-kah) – Pray for four high school students of Seinan Jo Gakuin as they wrap up their exchange program experience with a Baptist academy in Tennessee. Pray for a good impression and lasting friendships as well as hearts to be moved toward accepting the gospel as truth in their own personal lives. Pray that they become good advocators for continuing this program in the future. Continue to pray that Charming, the new believing high schooler, will be a strong witness for Jesus Christ in Japan after her experience in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with this exchange program. Pray for Japanese leaders of Seinan Jo Gakuin who are strong brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that they will be wise as they promote this program and that many local students will show interest each December, when the leaders are recruiting students for the program. May God help this Christian school, built by Southern Baptists 102 years ago and supported by Southern Baptists today, to stand firm in the community of Kitakyushu, with increasing numbers of new students each year.