Khmer of Western Cambodia

(kuh-MY) – Praise the Lord for young men and women in a local fellowship who are catching the vision of reaching the lost and giving themselves to kingdom service! One young man has declined job offers and a big salary at a lucrative business and has chosen instead to take on a meager wage by being a computer teacher. He made this choice because this job makes it possible for him to reach out to unbelieving youth from a nearby high school. Another believer volunteers her free time to regularly teach Bible stories and share the gospel among young children in her neighboring village. A local pastor also invests in a young church plant far away from his home church once a month because he wants to help it grow in his free time. The local church is beginning to move beyond the walls of their church building! Please pray for their spiritual protection, strength, and great joy as they endure trials to serve others and spread His word by sharing the gospel. There are only a few who are committed and courageous. Please pray that more from within the harvest field of West Cambodia will stand up and take their place to build up the church and to fulfill the Great Commission.