Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – In October, you were asked to pray for Betty and her husband Sam. Please keep praying for them. They are Mebo who have been exposed to Christianity for many years. Betty has worked as a housekeeper for several Christian families, caters for a school which is owned by Christians, and even has a nephew who is a Christian. One day while working in the home of a Christian the owner came in and found her husband Sam reading a Bible. The owner asked Sam if he was interested in the Bible and if he like his own copy. Sam responded yes and took the Bible with him. They have both attended a Bible study for couples and have expressed interest in what was taught. So far, they have not made the decision to follow Jesus. Pray for them, that their minds and hearts will be opened to the gospel. Pray that God will continue to provide opportunities for them to hear the truth of God’s love for them. Pray that the Christians in their lives will continue to be salt and light in their dark world.