Missionary Explorers, Project 3000

Thank you for joining Missionary Explorer John Pratt earlier this month in praying for a man he met from an unengaged and unreached people group. The man, Raj, had seen a movie about Jesus a long time ago but hadn’t heard the gospel until John told him that day. John asked us to pray with him that God would heal Raj’s lump on his stomach and the itchy rash that was keeping him awake every night. The Lord is answering your prayers! “I am not exaggerating,” John said after meeting Raj and his wife the next day. “The spots on his arm were there, but they were much less severe than yesterday.” Raj and his wife testified that for the first time in many years, he slept through the night. John prayed with them, thanking God and asking Him to continue healing Raj completely. John gave him an audio Bible, and Raj invited him to fish again in a few days. When they met again, Raj didn’t want to fish. He wanted to talk about all the stories he learned from the audio Bible. “He listened to it for two straight days without stopping until the phone died,” John said. Pray that Raj would trust God as his savior and be a strong witness to his village.