Mongolian Peoples of Outer Mongolia and Russia

(mon-GOHL-yun) – In a country where about a third of the population depends on livestock for a living, this winter’s blizzard conditions have been disastrous. The end of March and all of April is birthing season in Mongolia, but this year in many counties, there will be very few births. In an aimag (state) in the eastern region of Mongolia, all 12 counties experienced weather that killed up to half of the livestock, including most of the pregnant animals. It is predicted that up to 70% will die before summer, and there will be very few births. The herdsmen are living in hopelessness. Please ask the God of all hope to be merciful and provide for the physical needs of these people. Pray that He will use churches and Christian organizations who are providing aid to open the doors for hope to be shared and, most importantly, that many will come to saving faith.