Mountain People of the Horn of Africa

Barnabas is a man who loves Jesus. He is bold in sharing truth in a place that is often hostile to the gospel. He spends large amounts of time reading Scripture and meeting with both believers and unbelievers. He is full of humility and admits that although he hasn’t always understood spiritual things, the Father is teaching him more and more. Other mature believers among the Mountain People have recognized the growth in Barnabas and often come to him for advice. In the world’s eyes, Barnabas is nothing. He is a man with a disability who barely scrapes by each month. He has a tiny shop and lives in a tiny room that can fit only one bed. But God is using Barnabas in mighty ways. Please pray for him, his wife, and his new baby. Pray that God will protect them in the midst of a place that often becomes violent. Ask God to provide for all their physical needs and to continue to grow Barnabas and his family into people who reflect His love, hope, and truth. Pray that through Barnabas, many of the Mountain People will hear and receive the good news.