Mountain People of the Horn of Africa

Most Mountain People are currently living in areas where there is instability. Living conditions and daily routines are somewhat normal for a few weeks, and then there is political unrest and violence. This cycle repeats itself over and over, causing many Mountain People to become cynical, numb, and mentally and emotionally exhausted. Even believers are struggling. Despite these struggles, give thanks to the Lord that believers recently had an opportunity to invest in unbelievers by helping with some physical needs. Many of these unbelievers are grateful for the help, but they do not have ears to hear the good news because they are worried and distracted about the condition of their region. Please pray that the Mountain People who are living in darkness will know that they are loved by the Father, who desires a relationship with them through Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to open and soften their hearts to hear and respond to the good news. Pray that God will use both the words and the deeds of believers to show the lost what it means to be loved by Him.