North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

Aatif grew up in a country where gangs and violence were prevalent. In hopes of a better life, he and a friend risked it all to make their way to Europe. On the journey, it looked as though they might have found a person to take them across the sea for a very high fee. In the midst of this, Aatif’s friend died. Not only was Aatif heartbroken to lose his friend, but he also had to tell his friend’s father that his son had died. When the person who was going to help them get across heard that Aatif had told his friend’s father about the death, he became enraged, realizing that he would lose out on the money of the friend’s passage. He took his anger out on Aatif in the form of physical violence. When Aatif was telling this story to a believer he met recently, he said that back then, he didn’t want to live, but he is thankful to God that he doesn’t feel that way now. Please pray that Aatif will come to know the love of the true Father and the Son who gave up His life for Aatif.