North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

While waiting for a streetcar in their city, two believers met an immigrant named Mahib from a country they hoped to visit in the near future. This trip created an instant connection with Mahib, and the believers asked him what they should do on their visit. Mahib was excited to talk about his home country and quickly became fast friends with the believers. He asked what the believers were doing next, and one of them used the opportunity to invite Mahib to get coffee with them. While enjoying their time together drinking coffee, Mahib shared about his country, his family, and his culture. One of the believers dove deeper into the conversation and asked about Mahib’s religion. The believer and Mahib talked about how his religion and Christianity have similarities, but the main difference is what they believe about Jesus. The believer tried to explain the gospel and how Jesus died for our sins. Mahib did not seem very interested, but he seemed ecstatic to have new friends in the city. Please pray that the believers and Mahib will be able to meet again and, most importantly, that Mahib will come to know Jesus as his Savior and Lord.