North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

For many refugee families, housing is a continual topic of conversation (and concern). After more than a year of unsuccessfully searching for an apartment with space for two adults and several growing children, the Hamoud family recently packed up their belongings and moved to larger city more than five hours away. Although they had grown close to many friends in the small town they’d lived in since arriving seven years ago, the parents believed that it was their best opportunity to better provide for their children, with an added bonus of now being a few hours closer to family members in other cities. Pray for the Hamoud family as they settle into this new area and for their children as they enroll in new schools. Pray that this family will not forget the believing friends who shared the knowledge and love of the Father with them many times. Ask that in their new city, they will meet more believers who will welcome them with open arms and continue to plant and water seeds of truth!