North Africans in City of Broken Colors, Europe

“I could never forgive them for what they have done.” A young North African woman named Naima recently shared a part of her story with a believing friend, and through the conversation, it became clear that she struggles with bitterness and a heart that is unable to forgive those who have hurt her in the past. This led to an opportunity for the believer to share about the forgiveness that Jesus offers and how a life transformed by Him gives the ability to extend forgiveness to others. The story of the good news was new to Naima, and she listened intently as her friend shared with her. Pray for Naima, asking that the Holy Spirit will remind her of the conversations she has had with her friend. Pray that she will desire to learn more about the forgiveness that Jesus provides. Ask God to change her heart from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26), and pray that Naima will experience peace and healing in Him.