Northern African and Middle Eastern Unengaged Peoples

The 32,000 Tuat Berbers have absolutely no access to the good news. They do not have the Word in their language nor are there any known believers among them. They are bound to what they know: a mix between traditional and tribal Sunni Islam. The Tuat speak a specific dialect of Berber called Taznatit and live in the arid middle of Algeria. They are primarily grain farmers, farming wheat, barley, and corn, and maintain some livestock that they use to farm, trade, and eat. Living in the desert, they are resilient and rely on a few oases in the area. Though they speak Taznatit, they also speak a dialect of Arabic because it is the language of trade and religion. The Tuat Berbers have an intense loyalty to their family and tribe that drives them to settle together in more than 200 small villages throughout their region. Pray that the Lord will send the Tuat Berbers of Algeria the living water through His Word in their language. Pray for Algerian believers to have a heart for their kinsmen and share the good news with them. Ask God to send able-minded believers to the Tuat to translate the Word into their language.