Northern African and Middle Eastern Unengaged Peoples

The Assyrians of Lebanon came to that country in stages. Some settled there centuries ago during the Middle Ages, others came in the 1600s, and many others arrived during the Assyrian genocide that happened in Turkey and Persia during World War I. Lebanon has also been a place where Assyrians have settled in recent years as refugees on their way to the West, hoping for a better life. They try to remain neutral amid the complex political system of Lebanon, which is drawn across religious lines, but since they are traditionally part of the Syrian Catholic Church, they join other Christian groups politically when they have to. They struggle to make ends meet, especially right now when the whole country is in economic crisis. Please pray for these people who have survived much hardship through the centuries. Pray that they will hear about the salvation that comes through a personal relationship with Christ, not because one is born into a Christian family. Pray that families will study the Word together, grow in the Lord, and share their faith with those around them who are lost.