Pretoria, South Africa

(pri-TOR-ee-uh) – In April, missionaries Daniel and Sky Scott will be training believers in a house church in a wealthy part of Pretoria. “Our training will consist of three ideas: First, our identity in Christ means that we are not only new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17), but every one of us are ambassadors for His kingdom! As believers, we must represent the interests of the kingdom of God ‘whether we want to or not’ (as one trainee in our last session expressed it). If we are true followers of Jesus, then it is our assigned duty to follow and to fish (Mark 1:17)! We can’t bask in our ‘made-newness’ and not be an ambassador. We can’t be content just to follow Jesus and not fish. Second, in our training, we ask people to make lists of who they know who is ‘far from God.’ We prayerfully consider whom God has put into their life for such a time as to hear the gospel! Finally, we train believers to tell the simple gospel story using the ‘3 Circles’ gospel presentation method. Pray for believers in Pretoria to be enabled by the Holy Spirit to speak His Word with great boldness (Acts 4:29)!”