South Asian Unengaged Peoples

The Kalkoti people reside in a town in Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan, and their religion is Sunni Islam. There are approximately 8,600 Kalkoti speakers in their remote town. The people of this town and nearby towns are very militant, so access to additional information about them is limited. “God, the Kalkoti people have turned from You. They do not recognize Your authority or Your greatness that You have made so clear in creation. They have hardened their hearts against You and Your people, who are called ‘people of the book’ in the Quran. God, we ask You to make their hearts soft toward You, toward Christians, and toward outsiders so they may learn what it means to understand and seek after You, God. All of them have turned away from You, but You do not deserve this disgraceful treatment; You deserve to be glorified. Please show them mercy as You have shown us mercy.”