Twin Cities of North Africa

The Twin Cities of North Africa are a beautiful juxtaposition of ancient culture and modern skyscrapers, traditional religion and liberal thought, as well as extreme wealth and stark poverty. Islam is the center of power and culture, and long-held beliefs hold people in darkness. The people of the Twin Cities are warm and welcoming, often excelling in hospitality to all those who come near their door, always ready with tea and bread. There are several million people who live in the Twin Cities of North Africa; however, less than .002% of them are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The church is sparse and does not always offer a strong community. Thankfully, there are Bible resources available in their heart language, and these are accessible through smartphones and computers. There is a need for the gospel to be proclaimed in the Twin Cities and for people to be saved, as well as for the church to be a lighthouse amid darkness. Please pray for the salvation of people in the Twin Cities.