Medical missionary credits MedAdvance to calling, equipping

Medical missions are a unique way to carry out the Great Commission through meeting both physical and spiritual needs. On July 18-20 at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs, MedAdvance, an International Mission Board (IMB) training event, will equip medical professionals in evangelism strategy and mission work.

Lucy* is a missionary who felt the Lord calling her to missions as a senior in high school after hearing a group who had just returned from China speak about their trip.

“I knew about the lost around me, but was so unaware of our call to the nations,” Lucy said. “I started getting involved in missions work in college. I could see that it would be a way for me to have a reason to be in countries that are harder to get to, but also as a way for me to love, meet needs and share Truth.”

Lucy began nursing school and has only been on medical mission trips since. She now serves as a medical missionary abroad.

“The Father has given me several short term opportunities to go, and then two years ago, He called me to where I currently live and work,” Lucy said.

When asked about her daily routine as a medical missionary, Lucy said while much of her schedule changes frequently, some things stay consistent like her work in a clinic.

The clinic is in a refugee camp, and Lucy works there in the mornings, and in the afternoon, she goes tent-to-tent, checking blood pressures and educating about hypertension and healthy lifestyles.

“The program gives us some really sweet opportunities to stay in the tents and visit and look for chances to share the hope we have found in Him,” Lucy said.

Lucy also works for an accountant. “I am, by no means, an accountant,” she said about the job, “but it was a need our team had that the Father gave me the ability to fill.”


To any medical professional or medical student, Lucy would tell them, “It has been the greatest joy getting to use skills that I have to love, serve and share. You get to connect with people on such a personal level so quickly. It’s really unique and such a gift to be able to combine health care with missionary work.”

Lucy also said being a medical missionary has given her access to regions and areas where others don’t usually have such access.

“If He’s been laying it on your heart to go, start praying and looking for opportunities to go. That’s one of the great things about MedAdvance; it allows you to network with people who have been combining mission work with healthcare for years,” Lucy said.

She said MedAdvance was a valuable experience that helped equip her as she serves today. “I came into MedAdvance just wondering if there was a place for me on the field as a nurse, and I left with several connections for future jobs on the field — one of which, I’m currently serving!

“The conference was just what I needed, to encourage me to finally start the application that put me on the field. The trainings and the sessions allowed me to feel so much more informed about how to use my skills on the field in a way that helps the people, in a way that doesn’t disrupt culture.”

The conference is $99, which covers the conference fee, dinner on Thursday evening and lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. For more information about MedAdvance or to register, visit

*indicates a name change for security purposes.

This article first appeared in The Baptist Messenger.

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