Malaysian woman recognizes Jesus’ pursuit

After hearing the gospel from her boss in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a Muslim migrant worker was interested in knowing more about Jesus. For six months she met with a Christian worker and they studied Scripture together. Each week she was moved by God’s love and His pursuit of sinful people.

Recently, she came to the Christian with an excited expression on her face. She seemed to glow with joy. She told a story from her childhood: for as long as she could remember, when she heard the name of Jesus read from her holy book, her heart ached. She always thought this was a bad thing and tried to ignore it. But now, after studying the Bible, she knew that Jesus was pursuing her.

That day she prayed, with tears streaming down her cheeks, to submit her life to Jesus. He was the One who pursed her and was the only way to God. After studying about baptism from Acts, she is ready to take the next step of faith and be baptized.

Please pray for this young woman.

Pray for wisdom as to how and where her baptism will take place.

Pray that her story will be an encouragement to the local church. Her contract to work in Malaysia will end this summer. As of now, she will have to return to an abusive husband and an all-Muslim family and village.

Pray that in these next few months, the Lord would strengthen her faith and prepare a way for her upon returning to her home country. God’s love and the power of His Word to save has been so beautifully displayed in her life. Pray that she will have boldness to continually share the story!