From East Asia to the Middle East

The church in East Asia has grown exponentially, to the point where, in many locations, churches have started indigenous missions-sending agencies. They’ve sent missionaries to as many as forty countries around the world.

James* and Mary*, with their two children, moved from East Asia to the Middle East. They serve as leaders of their team of Christian workers. They have done extremely well learning Arabic and have helped to start four schools for refugees and several churches.

Recently they’ve moved to a different country and are not seeing the open doors to the gospel they had previously experienced. They are praying for greater ministry opportunities and for wisdom and discernment as they share.

Charles* moved with his family to the Middle East fourteen years ago. One particular group of people he works with all had cross tattoos. When he asked them about the tattoos, they said it was a tradition passed down from their ancestors. It turns out they are descendants of those the Apostle Thomas led to Christ in the first century. God used Charles to explain the meaning of the cross. Working with new believers, Charles has helped plant two churches.

Charles prays that his team will strive to serve together with common purpose and unity. His family prays that they would love each other well so that those around them would know what a disciple of Christ looks like.

Will you stop and praise God for spread of His gospel in East Asia. Thank Him for the boldness and commitment of East Asians to take the good news to the Middle East and many other countries around the world.


*Names changed