Prayer Guide for Kids

Downloadable resources for kids and their families

This might be a scary time for you. Some missionary kids around the world might be afraid, too. One of the best ways we can take care of each other during a scary time is to pray for one another. Here are two ways you can pray for missionary kids and ways that missionary kids are praying for you:

  1. Are you tired of being home all the time? Are you tired of having your mom or dad or grandparent as your teacher because schools are closed? It can be hard! Lots of missionary kids are homeschooled ALL. THE. TIME. You might be homeschooled, too, but you see how it’s different right now. Pray that missionary kids who are doing school at home will focus on their work and make the most of their time.
  2. Change is hard. And it’s tough when stores and theaters and skating rinks and little leagues are closed. In some countries around the world, kids can’t even go outside because of restrictions. Pray that missionary kids who are stuck in their houses or apartments will find creative ways to exercise and have fun!

To encourage families during this time, we’re providing some free downloadable resources just for you. The prayer guide can easily be dowloaded, printed and shared with others. Use the poster as a reminder to stay focused on Jesus. Assemble the activity cube for some fun family time that will lead you to Scripture and remind you to pray for missionaries. Just click on the resource below to download and save or print to your computer.

Share your prayers with us and pictures of your family using the resources with #IMBandMe.