Send Relief response to cyclone devastation in South Asia

India and Bangladesh were already suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic when Cyclone Amphan slammed ashore on May 20. The storm uprooted trees, flattened homes and left millions without power.

Send Relief immediately had partners on the ground assessing needs and putting together an action plan to address the most urgent priorities—housing and food.

Floods covered villages in Bangladesh in 2007 and Southern Baptists responded.

You can be a part of this critical recovery effort.

We have identified 750 families who have lost everything in the storm and need nourishment. $20 provides a packet of food that will last for two weeks.

Another 250 families’ homes were severely damaged. They are now experiencing torrential rains with little, if any, solid roofing. Just $150 provides critical roofing materials for protection.

You can help us respond to these critical needs. Will you give to Send Relief crisis response today?

A small gift can make a big difference. Only $20 can feed a family for two weeks, and $150 can literally put a roof over someone’s head. And every gift shares the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

We know these are challenging days, and we do not ask for your support lightly, but prayerfully and with gratitude.

Thank you for your prayers, your consideration and your support.