First Person: From Disappointment to Praise

Last October I was sorely disappointed. We lived in a large, busy, grey city in East Asia, and we had planned and cancelled a trip to the mountains…again.

The first time we tried to travel out of the city, we got lost and never made it to our destination. Almost a year later, we tried again, but a landslide closed the road. I was tired and deeply longed to experience God in the beauty of His creation, so we planned one more attempt. But as the day arrived for our road trip, we found out that the tunnel was still blocked with mud from the previous landslide.


I was so sad and gave up all hope of ever getting to the mountains. I felt despondent the next couple of days and grasped for solace. God brought it in the most unexpected way.

That same week, the Lord opened the door for me to meet with three unbelieving women. Before that week I had been praying for them but had not been able to connect personally. I began to meet with them regularly and within two months, all three of these women had experienced Christ personally and placed their faith in Him.

In October, I had no idea how short my time left in my home in East Asia would be. Just a few months later, the coronavirus raged across the country we loved and made it impossible for us to return after a short vacation. I did not know how little time I had left to introduce these women to Jesus, whom they would need to carry them through those dark days. But God did.

I’m so thankful that a landslide made the tunnel impassable and prevented our mountain vacation. I praise Him that He used our disappointment to give life to these three women and their families. I rejoice that these three were among a group of new brothers and sisters recently baptized.

Though I grieve the home we left behind, I am thankful for the truth that God is always at work and nothing can stop Him from building His church in East Asia and across the world.