Buddhist woman finds truth of God in unexpected way

Miss O* grew up as a devout Buddhist in Southeast Asia and had never heard the gospel. When God brought Christians into her life, Miss O would nod her head, “yes, yes,” in agreement to the stories they shared but continued as an even more determined Buddhist.

One day Miss O prayed, “They say you are the Living God. If that’s true, give me a new pair of jeans tomorrow.” The very next day, Miss O’s father said, “I know what you want—a new pair of jeans. Let’s go shopping.”

Buddhists gather to worship in a Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Pray that they will soon be worshiping the one true God.

It was as if God said, “If you need jeans to know I am the Living God, I will give them, and you will know I am Lord.”

Still, she did not believe. Later, another believer said, “All of our good deeds are like a pot of fermented bamboo shoots before God.” The Lord used this to convict her of sin and her need for a Savior. She wept and put her faith in Jesus.

For several years, Miss O was the only believer in her village. She is a gifted and eager evangelist, loves the Word and has a solid faith and doctrine. She prayed God would use her to reach her village. God answered when Miss O led her neighbor to Christ. The neighbor shared with her husband who also came to faith.

These three now follow the Lord, meet weekly as a church and live out their faith. The ‘blue-jean-giving’ God who had never been talked to in that village is now worshiped every week in this village’s first church.

Pray for Miss O and her neighbors as they share the gospel with their neighbors. Pray more would choose to leave Buddhism behind.


*Names changed for security