Chitwood looks to next generation of missional followers

IMB President Paul Chitwood congratulated and challenged the 2021 graduating class of Carson-Newman University, in Jefferson City, Tennessee, last week when he spoke at their commencement.

“You’ve been called to be Christ’s disciples and to share his love and his life with others,” Chitwood said.

“We believe every person has been called and should be equipped to take the gospel to the nations. Some are going to be called to live cross-culturally overseas, and can use many career paths to do that. Others are going to be called to live cross-culturally right here sharing the gospel with those who are in our nation.”

Chitwood added, “We’re looking for the next generation of missional followers of the Lord Jesus.”

University President Charles A. Fowler explained that one of the school’s five pillars of purpose is to impact culture.

“We want to see generations of students turned out from Carson-Newman University to move into the marketplace and to be light and salt,” Fowler said. “And I’ve never seen a generation of students who want to be engaged in service any more than this generation of graduates we’re turning out right now.”

“May we all live accordingly, inspired by the Spirit of God, to live our lives as difference-makers to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Lord,” Fowler told students.


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