Christians in Southeast Asia remain strong in their faith

Week of Prayer update

Editor’s note: During the Week of Prayer, we asked you to pray for a woman called “Momma” and our IMB missionaries who serve among Momma’s Southeast Asian people group. Here is a recent update about God’s work in this village.

Whether in her home here on earth or her future home in heaven above, Momma is content.

This IMB missionary family ministers in a region where tribal warfare is ongoing, civil unrest is on the rise and foreigners are blacklisted from entering certain zones. Pray for their continued service and that more workers will be sent to reach the lost in the region. IMB Photo

IMB missionaries report that Momma and nearly all her family remain rooted and grounded in their faith amid renewed and ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks.

As Momma advances in age, health issues have become a new normal, but she maintains her joy and trust in the Lord.

“If I’m on this earth, Christ is with me. If He calls me home, I get to be with Him!” Momma told the missionaries.

The other believers in her village have been growing in their faith and taking on more leadership roles as Momma slows down. They continue to boldly share their faith and frequently pray with sick people around the village.

Momma’s son-in-law has struggled with the added pressure of the pandemic and lack of job opportunities, and he has fallen back into drug and alcohol abuse.

“We’re praying he’ll repent and come back to his family,” Stephen said.

Join the missionaries in praying that the son-in-law will repent and come back to his family. Pray also for the ongoing steadfastness of Christians in the area.

Missionaries extend their thanks for Southern Baptists’ commitment to pray for Momma and her village.

Your continued giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is making a difference in this village and around the world. Thank you for your generosity.