Daryl Cox on Life and Missions in West Africa

Daryl Cox sensed a call to ministry as a young child, but did not realize that meant international ministry until he heard a missionary speaker share in a chapel service at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. That very evening, he shared with his wife Glenda what the Lord was laying on his heart, and their journey to the mission field began.

They left the United States a few years later with three young children in tow, expecting to spend their entire career in Liberia. But God had other plans. Multiple times, civil unrest and outright war forced their family to evacuate their host country, scattering their ministry years across the different different countries of West Africa. They worked in whatever field God placed them, from religious education to prison ministry to mentorship, but in many cases, they labored for years without seeing anyone come to faith in Christ. As is often the case, the seeds they sowed took a long time to grow, but are today bearing incredible fruit.

This week on MHP, hosts David Brady and Scott Peterson sat down with Daryl to hear his family’s story.

Show Notes

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