George and Minnie Lacy

How does a couple survive the loss of five children in just 15 days?

George and Minnie Lacy went to Mexico with four young children and a fifth on the way. They worked in the town of Saltillo and reopened a Baptist girl’s school called the Madero Institute. Within the first four months, more than 50 students had enrolled and 11 people had come to Christ.

Then scarlet fever came to the Lacy home, and within 15 days, their five children were dead.

While recuperating in Texas, George wanted to give up his mission work, but Minnie held firm. “We have given our children for Mexico, and now we will go back and give our lives,” she said.

The next few years in Mexico were fruitful ones. God gave them five more children and a thriving teaching ministry. Then disaster hit again, this time in the form of war. The Mexican Revolution brought violence and death to their doorstep, but George and Minnie resolved to stay and continue ministering despite the dangers.

After the war, George started a mobile Bible institute and traveled throughout the country teaching God’s Word. Even after Minnie’s death and his own retirement, George remained in Mexico. He had given his children, his wife and his own life so the Mexican people might know the Lord.

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