East Asia Proves that Prayer Works

Twenty years ago, East Asia was considered an urgent frontier for the gospel. Christians focused much of their time, money, and prayers toward getting the good news into some of the most restrictive places in the world.

There are still 218 UUPGs—six million people—in East Asia who need the gospel.

Today, the fruits of their sacrifice are evident. Many unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPGs) have heard about Jesus, and communities are changing as the number of believers grows.

However, there is still work to be done. There are still 218 UUPGs—six million people—in East Asia who need the gospel. One essential way God is going to accomplish this work is through the prayers of his people.

Since IMB started publishing East Asia UUPG prayer guides five years ago, seventy-eight groups have been engaged with the gospel. Your prayers are an indisputable element of that accomplishment.

DOWNLOAD East Asia UUPG Prayer Guide

This is the fourth edition and features more than thirty-five UUPGs. Here are some ways you can use this guide when you pray:

  • Have your small group or Sunday school class select one people group per week. Spend the first ten minutes of your gathering praying for them to have access to the good news.
  • These groups have a variety of charming traditions. Find one your family can imitate and use that opportunity to pray for them.
  • If you know someone serving in East Asia, contact them and ask if there is a way to help them reach a certain UUPG. It might be possible to send additional resources, provide funds, or learn ways to pray more specifically for that group and the people trying to reach them.
  • Do you live near East Asian immigrants? Ask if they are familiar with any of these people groups. They may be able to provide a different perspective on these remote groups. Who knows, you may even have an opportunity to share with them during your conversation.